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Forms & Applications

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-I'm thinking about adopting, but I am not sure what I am looking for.


"Fostering is a great way to test the waters to see what potential pup/cat would be best in your home. You can learn all you need to know while making a difference. Fosters always get first preference on their foster animal."


-Who covers the supplies and medical?


"The short answer is we do! Any supplies you decide to donate are tax-deductible and we are grateful. We have an approved list of veterinary partners we work with to schedule appointments etc. Fosters are the frontline to notice if a dog/cat has additional medical needs after they have been previously vetted. All we ask is that you let your designated coordinator know and we will handle the rest."


-What can I expect with my foster?


"That is dependent on every dog and cat. Most of our animals are coming from situations where they had little to no stability and this may be their first time in a house. The first week or so needs to be focused on letting the new member adjust to you and decompress. We know it is exciting ,but we want the foster pet to get used to stability before we introduce them to the rest of the world."



-How long am I expected to foster?


"We ask that you consider fostering until the pet is adopted. Most puppies/kittens are adopted within a couple of weeks while adult dogs/cats can take longer depending on the dog/cat. Ideally, it would be until the animal is adopted. Can't foster that long? No worries, we totally understand ,but ask that you give your coordinator advanced notice."



-Does Amazing Strays Rescue foster outside of San Diego County?


"The answer to that is no. Simply for logistical purposes and vetting, all ASR dogs/cats must be fostered in San Diego County. If you are outside of SD County, please consider volunteering in other ways (social media, applications, fundraising)."

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