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Renting with Dogs


  • Plan ahead! Ideally, if you know you will be moving soon, try to take time to look through different platforms of rentals and reach out to landlords.

  • Understand the potential landlord’s points of views! Maybe they had a bad experience with dogs? Or are worried about damage? Having a calm and respectful attitude can make a real difference in whether a landlord decided to rent to you or not.

  • What can you do?

    • Offer a Pet Addendum in your lease! Here is a great example!

    • Make a pet resume! You can check out my example below!

    • Have your landlord meet your dog! It’s easy to say no over the phone, but sometimes a well-behaved pup in person can help!

    • Letters of Recommendations from former landlords or training certificates are great proof that you are a responsible dog owner!

    • Talk about adding a pet deposit if that would make the landlord feel comfortable.

    • DNA tests to the rescue! Looks are deceiving and many times a DNA test can prove your dog is not on a restricted breed list!


Rental sites: Military by Owner, Craigslist, Hotpads, Nextdoor, Zillow, Abodo

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